Challenging boundaries
with on-site repairs

Revolutionising maintenance operations by offering efficient on-site repairs carried out with little or no downtime.

Services for
Robot welding

Robot welding in-field - repair, not replace.

Services for
On-stream welding

On-stream welding repair can solve unexpected damages and reduce workload during shut down​.

Services for
Special repairs

A specialised approach is essential for handling unique projects

Services for
Studies and qualifications

Combining disciplines drives solutions that actually work.

Services for
Inspection and quality control​

Accurate knowledge about the asset is the surest way to the optimal repair​.

Services for
Laser and surface treatment​

A unique approach to surface cleaning and understanding of corrosion​.

Services for
Induction heating

Induction heating on-site is a heating method that offers many advantages over trace heating and gas heating. The heat input can be made more local with much faster heating rate and superior heat and cooling control.​

Services for
Manual welding

Some of the most important members of our Effee team are welders. ​ Their competence and experience is what we build on when developing automated welding.

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