Studies and qualifications

Combining disciplines drives solutions that actually work.

Studies and qualifications

Pioneer projects often require a stage of study to ensure feasibility or to establish the optimum execution of a project. We drive a business culture that cultivates close cooperation between academia, engineering and operators. In this way we produce solutions that work from a theoretical perspective and are seamlessly integrated within the work site.​

We have dedicated competence within​

  • Welding and heat treatment simulations​
  • Materials engineering​
  • Welding engineering​
  • Mechanical integrity​
  • Corrosion protection​
  • Coating​
  • Material sampling by Mechanical Scoop and EDSE​

To compliment the above, we have an advanced materials laboratory in Ålesund​. All this together makes us capable of in-depth analysis of the most complex scenarios. Please contact us for more information.​

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Tor Arne
Tor Arne Buberg
Head of Operations
Projects with this service
Internal robotic weld build-up of Pressure Vessel flange
Internal robotic weld build-up of Pressure Vessel flange

Using robot welding can reduce shut-down time drastically

Weld build-up by 3D-printing
Laser - Removal of corrosion products
Laser - Removal of corrosion products

Are there cases where laser ablation could replace the use of sand blasting? This case is a perfect example of where laser ablation comes to its right.