Internal robotic weld build-up of Pressure Vessel flange

Using robot welding can reduce shut-down time drastically

Internal robotic weld build-up of Pressure Vessel flange
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Due to internal corrosion of the a deaerator on an on-shore plant, Effee was contracted to butt-weld in a special flange on the horizontal part of pressure vessels, this to build up material thickness to a minimum as original thickness. This was carried out using a welding robot that hung from a specially made bracing that was mounted on the flange. Only one welding procedure was used, which was specifically for this purpose. The welding procedure also included post-weld heat treatment (PWHT), carried out with by subcontractor. The flange surface was finally machined due to corrosion of the flange surface, as well as large dimensional deviations from its original design.

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Eirik Belland
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