Robot welding

Robot welding in-field - repair, not replace.

Robot welding

Industrial equipment is always subjected to wear and tear and the cost for replacement can be significant, both from direct cost, and also from the indirect cost of reduced up-time.​

Effee On Site Repair was founded on a simple idea: It is easier to get a robot into the field than vice versa… The rest, literally has made history. ​

Today we specialize in taking robots into the field which can work 24 hours a day with unrivalled control of welding parameters. ​This allows us to perform welding repairs of irregular and voluminous corrosion damages. By combining high accuracy 3D-scanning with state-of-the-art weld path programming, presenting opportunities to repair what was thought impossible until now. ​

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Hans Jørgen
Hans Jørgen Hjelle
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