Laser and surface treatment​

A unique approach to surface cleaning and understanding of corrosion​.

Laser and surface treatment​

Corrosion is often the reason why equipment is damaged, and the financial cost to industry is well documented.​

Effee has a well-established team to provide support for a wide range of corrosion issues. We provide laser services to remove corrosion product or coatings for most application. Laser cleaning has the advantages of not damaging the metal surface and has extremely low environmental footprint. Its ideal for cleaning surfaces with narrow tolerances and as it can be used on rotating equipment without the risk of getting steel grit and dust critical places.​

The services we provide are​

  • Lasers and laser cleaning​
  • Coating inspection and consulting​
  • Corrosion inspection and consulting​
  • Sacrificial anodes and dimensioning​
  • Smart, self-monitoring sacrificial anodes​

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Aleksander Rise Gallala
Head of Surface Protection
Projects with this service
Laser - Removal of corrosion products
Laser - Removal of corrosion products

Are there cases where laser ablation could replace the use of sand blasting? This case is a perfect example of where laser ablation comes to its right.