Induction heating

Induction heating on-site is a heating method that offers many advantages over trace heating and gas heating. The heat input can be made more local with much faster heating rate and superior heat and cooling control.​

Induction heating

We have world class competence within induction heating with machines produced by our sister company. Induction heating offers exceptional temperature control - and together with computer simulations offers the maximum heating control for any given application. Both the heating rate, holding temperature and cooling rate can be designed to fit the widest range of requirements, easily outperforming trace heating and gas heating. Typical applications are​

  • Shrink fitting​
  • Bolt removal​
  • Preheating ​
  • Post weld heat treatment (PWTH)​

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Tor Arne Buberg
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Internal robotic weld build-up of Pressure Vessel flange

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