On-stream welding

On-stream welding repair can solve unexpected damages and reduce workload during shut down​.

On-stream welding

Welding on process equipment in-service requires the highest level of control. Which we at Effee believe we have achieved through extensive R&D involving our talented people. ​Many disciplines are involved in on-stream welding projects:​

  • Inspection, with NDT inspection and 3D-scanning​
  • Mechanical integrity assessment (Prior, during and after repair)​
  • Welding and material engineers​
  • Software engineers generating weld paths from 3D-scans
  • Robot welders performing at site monitoring of the weld pool​

Please contact us should you have a case you would like to discuss.​

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You can also talk directly to Eirik, for indepth knowledge about On-stream welding applications.

Eirik Belland
Managing Director, Co-Founder
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