Manual welding

Some of the most important members of our Effee team are welders. ​ Their competence and experience is what we build on when developing automated welding.

Manual welding

Effee has a team of highly qualified welders with experience within oil and gas, energy, mining and process plants all over the world. Our welders are certified to a range of techniques and materials. ​

Effee is a full-service welding provider, including coating removal, preheating,  welding, PWHT and recoating. ​

We also develop and qualify welding procedures, led by our team of certified welding engineers (IWE). Feel free to contact us for more information.​

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You can also talk directly to Frants, for indepth knowledge about Manual welding applications.

Frants Heiberg Poulsen
Head of Welding Technology
Projects with this service
Internal robotic weld build-up of Pressure Vessel flange
Internal robotic weld build-up of Pressure Vessel flange

Using robot welding can reduce shut-down time drastically