Inspection and quality control​

Accurate knowledge about the asset is the surest way to the optimal repair​.

Inspection and quality control​

Inspectors are the eyes of an engineering company and can give the best assessment to asset conditions. If needed our inspector can perform an extended study to investigate the root cause of the problem. We have inspectors qualified within​

  • Tank inspection (API 653)​
  • In service inspection (API 510 and API 570)​
  • 3D-scanning​
  • Coating inspection (FROSIO Level II)​
  • Corrosion inspection and investigation​
  • NDT - ISO 9712 certified personnel within VT, UT, PT, RT and MT​
  • Welding inspection (IWI-S)​

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Andrew Campbell Hodgkinson
Head of Inspection
Projects with this service
Internal robotic weld build-up of Pressure Vessel flange
Internal robotic weld build-up of Pressure Vessel flange

Using robot welding can reduce shut-down time drastically

Weld build-up by 3D-printing